Home Article Issey Miyake’s Menswear Line Has Been Discontinued

Issey Miyake’s Menswear Line Has Been Discontinued

von Max Grobe - Jul 29th 2,837 Views

Japanese brand Issey Miyake has announced the end of Issey Miyake Men. The menswear line was launched in tandem with the women’s line in 1976 and debuted at Paris Men’s fashion week for FW85.

The news is unsurprising as the brand has been slowly pulling back on its menswear line to focus on the arguably more successful, elasticated, and pleat-friendly Homme Plissé collections which have been showing in Paris for the last few seasons in lieu of Issey Miyake Men.

The brand has not made any further announcements that suggest Issey Miyake’s other sub-lines are going anywhere.

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Words by Max Grobe

Associate Fashion Editor